Corporate Bond Investing Tips and Information

What Are Credit Spreads and How Do They Work?

Credit spreads, also known as Treasury spreads, are the difference between a corporate bond's yield to maturity ("YTM") and the YTM... Read more

What Are Some Corporate Bond Basics?

Corporate bonds are issued by companies and create a number of obligations the issuing companies must fulfill that are more stringent... Read more

What Is the Bond Ratings Scale?

Bond ratings scales represent the opinion of credit rating agencies as to the likelihood of a bond issuer defaulting.  As shown... Read more

What Are Some Advantages of Corporate Bonds?

There are many advantages of corporate bonds relative to other investments.  Individual corporate bonds offer investors strong... Read more

Where Can I Buy Corporate Bonds Online?

Corporate bond investors can buy bonds online from a number of online brokers, including Fidelity Investments, E*TRADE Financial, Charles Schwab, and... Read more

What Corporate Bond Returns Does BondSavvy Seek To Achieve?

Many bond investors believe a bond's yield is the only return you can achieve.  Further, many media outlets such as CNBC... Read more

What Is BondSavvy Live?

BondSavvy Live is a bond investing education webcast exclusive to BondSavvy subscribers.  Prior to... Read more

What Corporate Bond Research Does BondSavvy Provide?

BondSavvy provides CUSIP-level corporate bond research, which includes between 20-25 new corporate bond investment recommendations each year.  Many ... Read more

Why BondSavvy Is Better Than a Bond Investment Newsletter

Many bond investment newsletters publish lists of hundreds of bonds and leave it up to subscribers to weigh the risk and... Read more

How BondSavvy Is Better Than Institutional Credit Research

BondSavvy makes CUSIP-level corporate bond investment recommendations whereas most credit research provides issuer-level... Read more

What Role Do Individual Corporate Bonds Play in Income Investing?

Individual corporate bonds are a crucial component of income investing as they provide yields generally higher than Treasury bonds, muni bonds,... Read more

What Credit Analysis Does BondSavvy Conduct When Evaluating Investments?

BondSavvy identifies undervalued corporate bonds it believes can outperform the market.  To identify these corporate bonds, we must understand how bonds are... Read more

How To Do a Fidelity Bond Search

Investors can do an online Fidelity bond search and execute trades with the click of a few buttons.  Bond investing has... Read more