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Reviews from BondSavvy Subscribers

Art F. Parsippany, New Jersey Nov-22-2019

For years I have purchased individual stocks relying on the wealth of information available on line and in various newsletters to... Read more

Art W. Charlotte, NC Nov-23-2020

I met Steve when he presented to our AAII chapter about a year ago. I was very impressed and decided to... Read more

Bill C. Mount Airy, MD Jul-10-2020

I have been very happy as a member of BondSavvy. Purchasing carefully selected corporate bonds and seeking capital gains on these... Read more

Bill D. Clifton Park, New York Nov-27-2019

I've been a BondSavvy subscriber for over a year and am very pleased with the service and value provided.

Steve provides... Read more

Bill W. Cumming, Georgia Nov-20-2019

Listen, if you want clear, actionable bond recommendations and, by the way, learn more about the corporate bond markets, BondSavvy is... Read more

Bob S. Allentown, PA Nov-18-2019

I have been a subscriber to BondSavvy since its inception. It has given me the knowledge and confidence to make individual... Read more

Carl F. Stamford, Connecticut Dec-4-2019

When the issuer of one of my bonds went bankrupt I realized that I could not rely on the ratings of... Read more

Craig O. Arlington Heights, IL Nov-26-2019

I've always thought of bonds as a way to reduce portfolio volatility but I had never been exposed to the strategy... Read more

Craig S. Mendham, NJ Apr-16-2020

Steve is excellent at explaining things for newbies and taking the mystery out of bond investing. His research is thorough and... Read more

David B. Santa Barbara, CA Mar-5-2020

I've been a member for nearly 2 years and have been impressed with the analysis and pleased with the results -... Read more

David M. Hinsdale, IL Oct-22-2020

I am an experienced investor but never invested directly in fixed income other than T-bills or CDs. The broad universe of... Read more

Dwight S. Venice, FL Jan-23-2020

My wife and I saw Steve's presentation live when he attended our local AAII meeting club and decided to subscribe immediately.... Read more

Eric S. Kalamazoo, MI Feb-10-2021

I searched long and hard for a service to help me with corporate bond investing. I have been VERY pleased with... Read more

Frank C. Wyckoff, NJ Feb-23-2020

I started adding bonds to my portfolio 15 years ago when I retired. I was also looking for information that would... Read more

Fred M. Brookline, MA Apr-22-2021

Steve Shaw makes a compelling case to purchase individual bonds vs. bond funds. His analysis reaches much further than the S&Ps... Read more

Gary J. Frederick, Maryland Nov-23-2019

I have subscribed to many financial newsletters, associations and the like in search of detailed analysis that I could actually apply.... Read more

Gary J. Vancouver, WA Apr-22-2021

If you are looking for an alternative to the stock market, just solid recommendations with good background information and a way... Read more

Gary R. Maple Grove, Minnesota Jul-22-2021

Recent subscriber. Very educational and easy to understand. Mr. Steve Shaw is very knowledgeable and down to earth explaining rational for... Read more

George M. Marietta, GA Jan-23-2020
Jerry D. Sheboygan, WI May-31-2020

The presentations are excellent,, but the music is very distracting.. I wish there was some way to listen to those presentations... Read more

Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw responds

Thanks, Jerry.  The music is only on our Corporate Bonds... Read more

Jerry H. Bellevue, WA Sep-16-2020

I have found that this service supplies a lot of the 'behind the scenes' analytical support for any recommendations made as... Read more

Jim D. The Woodlands, TX Nov-21-2019

I found BondSavvy to be educational and informative. The recommendations and ongoing reviews of individual bonds is invaluable. I would not... Read more

Joe B. Marco Island, FL Nov-29-2019

I originally procrastinated about six months before signing up with BondSavvy service. It was a big mistake on my part. And... Read more

John C. New York, NY Nov-21-2019

BondSavvy is terrific! It offers detailed bond recommendations and information updates (including timely hold and sell alerts), with great service and... Read more

John O. Houston, TX Nov-27-2019

I have been using BondSavvy since last February and found it to have an excellent strategy and great customer service. I... Read more

Ken K. Wilsonville, Oregon Nov-20-2019

I have been a member for over a year and my first year returns have been terrific - over 15% returns... Read more

Ketur D. Chicago, IL Nov-22-2019

I highly recommend BondSavvy. Steve Shaw does a very good job of explaining his analysis of the companies and his thought... Read more

Les S. The Villages, Florida Nov-22-2019

As a new subscriber to BondSavvy, I have gathered a treasure trove of investing techniques that have allowed me to convert... Read more

Michael A. Mesa, Arizona Nov-27-2019

Just started investing in bonds a few years ago when I got old. Had no idea how to do it, so... Read more

Michael D. Matthews, NC Aug-4-2020
Mike S. Vail, AZ Oct-2-2020

I subscribed for 2 sequential reasons:
First to develop a better understanding of bonds and the various attributes, characteristics, and metrics applicable... Read more

Pete S. Apr-22-2021

I have benefited from Bond Savvy and Steve Shaw’s insight. I am grateful for the education and for the bond ladder... Read more

Peter G. San Francisco, CA Oct-7-2020

The research that went into the four recommended bonds for the Sept 23 '20 Bondcast was outstanding. Prior to becoming a... Read more

Pierre G. Farmington, CT Jan-23-2020

If you have an interest in active investing in individual corporate bonds, Bond Savvy is indispensable. Steve actively scours the market... Read more

Pragya P. Parsippany, NJ Jan-23-2020

I would highly recommend BondSavvy. Steve is very clear about the recommendations and explains them very well with the supportive data.... Read more

Ray C. Branchburg, NJ Nov-29-2019

I made my very first individual corporate bond purchase as a direct result of BondSavvy. Intuitively, I knew individual bonds... Read more

Raymond D. Tucson, Arizona Jan-24-2020

Excellent analysis of bonds. I wish I had known about this service years ago. Read more

Richard K. Longboat Key, Florida Jan-23-2020
Rohit M. Missouri City, TX Nov-22-2019

After attending a presentation by Steve Shaw, I almost immediately signed up for a two year subscription. Having met Mr. Shaw,... Read more

Stan S. Boca Raton, Florida Nov-20-2019

BondSavvy has been fantastic! Having known nothing about buying individual bonds, I’ve gained insight to an investment class that allows me... Read more

Steve B. Venice, Florida Feb-1-2020

This is an incredible service. I feel lucky I found this site. Don't hesitate. Read more

Viktor G. Newton, Massachusetts Dec-1-2019

After listening to Steve's presentation, I understood for the first time how to invest in bonds. Then I joined, and my... Read more

Wayne A. Sherman Oaks, CA Feb-20-2020

Hard to navigate site, difficult to find details on recommendations as to ratings, debt, etc. No contact information. Read more

Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw responds

We provide our contact information on every web page, and... Read more

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