With recent events, there are now never-before-seen values in individual corporate bonds.

We founded BondSavvy to solve the problems individual investors face so more can benefit from owning corporate bonds:

Investor Problem
  • Desire for strong returns but with less risk than stocks
  • Inaccurate bond ratings that miss 90% of what's important
  • Difficult to select from 9,000 available corporate bonds
  • Most investors don't understand how to invest in bonds
BondSavvy Solution
  • 36 of 48 BondSavvy picks have beaten the leading bond ETFs 
  • Superior analysis that identifies bonds with high total return potential
  • 25 recommendations per year. 7 new picks since March 26
  • Educating and empowering investors is central to everything we do

High Return Investments. Lowest Investment Fees.

Through January 31, 2020, subscribers who bought 10 bonds of each BondSavvy corporate bond recommendation made $75 in investment returns for every dollar paid in BondSavvy subscription fees (1). Individual investor subscribers pay a flat fee regardless of how much they invest, and they buy bonds online through their own brokerage. Subscribers who bought 25 bonds of each BondSavvy recommendation made $188 for each dollar paid in BondSavvy fees, and the current BondSavvy fee represents 0.05% of what they invested. Here’s how it has worked:

If you bought this many bonds of each recommendation made from 9/26/17 through 9/5/19:
You paid BondSavvy subscription fees of (1):
Your net investment in corporate bonds has been (2):
You achieved this total return (3):
Your total return for each $1 in BondSavvy fees:
Your return on investment net of BondSavvy fees:
Annualized BondSavvy subscription fee as % of amount invested (4):


Based on the current BondSavvy two-year subscription fee, which we introduced December 4, 2019.  This fee is slightly higher than the subscription plan that was in place between October 2018 and December 3, 2019.  From September 26, 2017 through March 2018, our monthly fee was $75 and, from April 2018 through September 2018, our implied monthly fee under our two-year subscription plan was $29. The implied monthly fee of our current two-year subscription is $28.13.  Please click  here to view our subscription plans.  

(2)With respect to the amount invested, assumes subscriber invested in each BondSavvy recommendation made between the indicated period above. Assumes proceeds from the sales of bonds prior to October 31, 2019 were reinvested in purchases of other BondSavvy bond recommendations or netted against the total investment amount. Amount invested reflects the offer-side quoted price for the purchased bonds and assumes a 0.1-point markup from the quoted price.  Please click here to see investment return details for each recommended corporate bond.  

(3)Total investment returns include interest income and capital appreciation or losses for each fixed income investment. We calculate investment returns from the day prior to the recommendation date until (i) January 31, 2020 for bonds that have yet to be sold or (ii) until the sell date for bonds that have been sold.  Please click here for details on which recommendations have been sold.

(4)Assumes annualized subscription fee of $337.50 based on our current $675 two-year subscription plan.  Per footnote 1, BondSavvy has had higher and lower fees during the course of its history.  

How To Make Direct Investments in Corporate Bonds

Making direct investments in bonds rather than through a bond mutual fund or bond ETF offers many advantages, such as higher potential investment returns, greater investment transparency, contractual interest payments, a maturity date, and the lowest investment fees. That said, there are thousands of individual corporate bonds from which to choose, and it can be difficult to decide which corporate bonds to buy.

BondSavvy empowers subscribers to make successful buy/sell bond investment decisions.

BondSavvy narrows the universe of corporate bonds to a select number we recommend to our subscribers. We then monitor our recommended bonds and issuing companies and decide whether to recommend buying more bonds, holding recommended bonds, or selling previously recommended bonds. Our subscribers follow the below three steps when making direct investments in corporate bonds:


Watch The Bondcast

BondSavvy empowers you to invest in corporate bonds by presenting the best bonds to buy during The Bondcast, a subscriber-only investment webinar we host after companies report quarterly earnings.


Make Direct Investments

You decide which of our recommended bonds to buy and make direct investments through your own online brokerage. Investing in bonds online is an efficient and competitive marketplace, where individual investors can invest at bond prices that are competitive with large bond funds.


Lock in Bond Investment Returns

Our goal is to maximize the total return on each corporate bond we recommend.  Bond prices have ceilings and cannot increase in value to the extent stocks can.  We therefore advocate selling bonds prior to maturity when we believe a recommended bond has maximized its investment return opportunity.

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