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Low bond yields do not have to mean low bond returns.

Subscribers who follow our individual corporate bond recommendations own a carefully selected portfolio of bonds that can increase in value and drive strong total returns.  Overdiversified bond funds have static prices and cannot achieve these returns.  

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Investor Problem
Weak returns of overdiversified, inefficient bond funds and ETFs
Biased Moody's and S&P ratings that also ignore price, yield, and interest-rate risk
Difficult to select from 9,000 available corporate bonds
Many investors believe corporate bonds are too hard to understand
BondSavvy Solution
Investment returns for 77% of our bond picks beat the leading bond ETFs
Comprehensive investment analysis that picks bonds with high total return potential
4-6 new corporate bond picks presented every quarter following earnings releases
Educating and empowering investors is central to everything we do

Our Mission

To empower individual investors to benefit from the income, growth, and capital preservation individual corporate bonds can provide.

Why Invest in Individual Corporate Bonds

Investors who want income, protection of principal, capital appreciation, and transparency can find all of these benefits with individual corporate bonds. Corporate bonds offer many advantages over bond funds, dividend stocks, and municipal bonds:

Corporate Bonds vs. Bond Funds:

Individual corporate bonds offer potentially higher returns than bond funds, lower fees, increased transparency, and the ability to create a portfolio tailored to an investor’s risk-return objectives.

Corporate Bonds vs. Dividend Stocks:

With blue-chip companies such as Boeing, Disney, and Ford suspending dividends, corporate bond investing has never been more important. Individual corporate bonds provide investors with income they can rely on, opportunities for capital appreciation, and greater principal protection than dividend stocks.

Corporate Bonds vs. Municipal Bonds:

Corporate bonds offer higher returns vs. muni bonds, greater financial transparency, and are far more easier to buy and sell.

What Makes BondSavvy Different

BondSavvy has built a better mousetrap for corporate bond investing. We combine a proven bond investing strategy with a second-to-none subscriber experience.

A Better Bond Investing Strategy

With over 23 years of experience in the financial markets, BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw has created an investing strategy that provides subscribers an edge. Key parts of this strategy include:

We recommend corporate bonds that have attractive yields relative to their risk and have the opportunity for capital appreciation and strong total returns.

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We make new corporate bond recommendations after quarterly earnings releases and as opportunities present themselves. This enables us to capitalize on opportunities over the course of time.

Learn why our approach beats bond ladders

After making an initial recommendation, we regularly update our analysis based on new company financial reports and the performance of our recommended bonds

We sell previously recommended bonds when little upside remains based on the financial performance of the company and the price of the recommended bond relative to comparable bonds

When To Sell Bonds

Why You Should Trust BondSavvy

Expertise, alignment of interests, and performance are how BondSavvy earns the trust of its subscribers. Subscribers pay BondSavvy a subscription fee for access to our corporate bond recommendations and updates, and they execute trades through bond trading platforms such as Fidelity.com and E*TRADE. We don’t earn trading commissions and are not a broker-dealer selling you bonds, so we can provide subscribers with unbiased investment recommendations that can outperform the market.

Corporate Bond Expertise

Our sole focus is individual corporate bond investments for individual investors. Founder Steve Shaw has presented to the SEC on the state of retail bond investing. He has also presented his bond investing strategy on Fidelity and E*TRADE webinars and to over 20 nationwide chapters of the American Association of Individual Investors (AAII).

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Alignment of Interests

BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw seeks to own a substantial portion of BondSavvy's recommendations, which aligns our interests with our subscribers. In addition, since we are not a broker-dealer that holds bond inventory, we make each recommendation based on its merits. This is different from many traditional financial advisors who recommend bonds primarily because those same bonds are owned by their firm’s trading desk and the firm earns money on the corporate bond bid-ask spread and a juicy financial advisor commission.

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Strong Performance

BondSavvy has shown how owning a select portfolio of corporate bonds can outperform the leading bond ETFs. Through July 30, 2021, the investment returns of 77% of our corporate bond recommendations have beaten their benchmark corporate bond ETF.

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A Better Subscriber Experience

As soon as you subscribe to BondSavvy, you immediately gain access to every corporate bond recommendation we have made since September 2017. You will also see our current buy/sell/hold recommendations and the presentations and reports that support each recommendation.

As a BondSavvy subscriber, you will:

  • Be empowered to increase your investment returns with our 25 annual corporate bond recommendations
  • Receive frequent recommendation updates via webcast and email
  • Save significant time, as BondSavvy does the investment analysis for you
  • Learn bond investing from Steve Shaw, the world's leading expert on corporate bond investing for individual investors

What Our Subscribers Are Saying

I have been very happy as a member of BondSavvy. Purchasing carefully selected corporate bonds and seeking capital gains on these... Read more

Bill C. Mount Airy, MD Jul-10-2020

I've been a BondSavvy subscriber for over a year and am very pleased with the service and value provided.

Steve provides... Read more

Bill D. Clifton Park, New York Nov-27-2019

Listen, if you want clear, actionable bond recommendations and, by the way, learn more about the corporate bond markets, BondSavvy is... Read more

Bill W. Cumming, Georgia Nov-20-2019

How BondSavvy Works

BondSavvy empowers subscribers to make successful buy/sell corporate bond investment decisions. BondSavvy narrows the universe of corporate bonds to a select number we recommend to our subscribers. We then monitor our recommended corporate bonds and issuing companies and decide whether to recommend buying more bonds, holding recommended bonds, or selling previously recommended bonds. Our subscribers follow the below three steps when making direct investments in corporate bonds:

Watch The Bondcast

BondSavvy empowers you to invest in corporate bonds by presenting the best bonds to buy during The Bondcast, a subscriber-only investment webinar we host after companies report quarterly earnings.

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Make Direct Investments

You decide which of our recommended bonds to buy and make direct investments through your own online brokerage. Investing in bonds online is an efficient and competitive marketplace, where individual investors can invest at bond prices that are competitive with large bond funds.

How To Invest Online

Lock in Bond Returns

Our goal is to maximize the total return on each corporate bond we recommend. Corporate bond prices have ceilings and cannot increase in value to the extent stocks can. We therefore advocate selling bonds prior to maturity when we believe a recommended bond has maximized its investment return opportunity.

When To Sell Bonds

Learn About Corporate Bond Investing

To help educate and empower investors, we have created the world’s #1 blog focused on investing in individual corporate bonds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have also created a Corporate Bonds FAQ page to empower investors to add individual corporate bonds to their portfolios.

Credit spreads, also known as Treasury spreads, are the difference between a corporate bond's yield to maturity ("YTM") and the YTM of a US Treasury bond or note with a similar maturity date (the 'benchmark Treasury').  The credit spread represents the extra compensation, or yield, a corporate bondholder receives above the so-called risk-free rate of the US Treasury bond.  (We don't believe a government that runs trillions in red ink is "risk free," ... Read more
Bond ratings scales represent the opinion of credit rating agencies as to the likelihood of a bond issuer defaulting, but they do not tell investors whether a bond is a good investment.  Investors need BondSavvy's investment analysis to understand the risk/reward opportunities of corporate bond investments and to increase their corporate bond returns.     While corporate bond ratings do have weaknesses, bond ratings upgrades and downgrades can impact... Read more
Many investors still do not know where to buy bonds.  Many still believe you call up your broker and let him tell you what bonds he has available and the price for each bond.  Luckily, for individual investors, the world has changed for the better, making the question of where to buy bonds a no-brainer: buy bonds online. Where to buy bonds BondSavvy's focus is recommendations for individual corporate bonds; however, investors can buy corporate bonds,... Read more
BondSavvy Live is a bond investing education webcast exclusive to BondSavvy subscribers, which we host three to four times each year.  Prior to each edition of BondSavvy Live, BondSavvy subscribers submit corporate bond investing questions to BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw, which he then answers during the BondSavvy Live webcast.  In addition to receiving access to our exclusive corporate bond recommendations, BondSavvy subscribers can access all prior editions of BondSavvy Live. ... Read more
Many bond investment newsletters publish lists of hundreds of bonds and leave it up to subscribers to weigh the risk and potential returns of each investment.  Other bond newsletters focus on all income products, including preferred stocks, REITs, dividend stocks, muni bonds, you name it.  These bond newsletters are jacks of all trades, but masters of none. BondSavvy is better than a traditional bond newsletter. BondSavvy only makes recommendations for individual corporate bonds.  We narrow down the corporate bond investment universe and make 20-25... Read more

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