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We founded Bondsavvy to empower investors to invest in individual corporate bonds and increase their returns. This is the opposite of how traditional financial advisors work, as the investment industry pushes investors into bond funds and ETFs because they are ‘easy’ and provide recurring revenue to banks, brokerages, and money managers. We have seen, however, that many bond mutual fund investment returns are weak, and these investments are anything but transparent. We founded Bondsavvy to put you in control and increase your bond investment returns.

  Bondsavvy Traditional Financial Advisor Robo-Advisor
Your pilot for today’s flight: Steve Shaw
Steve Shaw, Founder & President

When not tearing through financial statements and preaching the virtues of corporate bonds, can be found training for his next triathlon or skiing the icy slopes of the Northeast with his two daughters. 

Affable and handsome, but not a 'bond guy.'  Charges 1% and then farms out the hard investment decisions to someone else who charges you more fees. Guaranteed to have a lower golf handicap than you.

Last seen with the robots that played a key role in the Flash Crash of 2010.  Wouldn't know a corporate bond if it hit him in his hard drive.
Knowledge of bond investing High

We have analyzed thousands of bonds and conducted detailed financial analysis on hundreds of companies.  We understand how bonds trade online and use all of our knowledge to identify compelling investment opportunities

Corporate bond investing is all we do

Typically focused on managing and building individual client relationships – not involved in evaluating bond investments and often not knowledgeable about bond investing

All bond investing gets allocated to some bond fund or ETF, typically with low returns.
Fees Low

Flat subscription fee
Online broker trading fees

1% of assets**
Mutual fund fees
Undisclosed fund trading fees

0.25%-0.50% of assets
Mutual fund fees
Undisclosed fund trading fees
Investment selection Unbiased

We start with all of the bonds available for online investing and make recommendations 100% on the merits of the bond investment opportunities.
Often Biased

Many advisors are often incentivized to sell certain products over others. If you buy individual bonds, those bonds often come from the inventory of the advisor’s firm, meaning that you did not see all of the bonds available for sale and don’t enjoy the competitive market provided by buying bonds online.
Follow the Herd

Typically bond index funds with weak investment returns
Return Potential Highest

Our fixed income strategy seeks to maximize total returns over the life of each recommendation. See how our corporate bond returns compare to leading bond ETFs.

If advisor prescribes bond index funds, his return is often higher than yours after you pay his 1% annual fee, bond fund fees, and bond fund trading fees

Relegated to low bond index fund returns

** Financial advisors charge either a percentage of the client’s assets or brokerage commissions. The typical brokerage commission is 2 points, or $20 per bond, compared to 0.1 points or $1 per bond when investors buy bonds online.

Robot photo by: Rock'n Roll Monkey on Unsplash

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