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Bond Investing Webinar FAQs - The Bondcast

The Bondcast is a first-of-its kind event, and we have been receiving many questions from customers and prospective customers.  Please see answers to The Bondcast FAQs below:

1. Why should I attend The Bondcast?
The Bondcast makes corporate bond investing simple and equips you to make successful corporate bond investments by providing specific corporate bond investment ideas.  Steve Shaw has achieved strong returns investing in corporate bonds, and he wants to share his bond investment ideas with you so you can realize the benefits of investing in corporate bonds.

Given the thousands of different individual corporate bonds available and many pieces of relevant information, investors need someone to show them which corporate bonds offer the strongest returns relative to a bond's risk.  This is the focus of The Bondcast.

2. How long is The Bondcast and what's the agenda?
The Bondcast is a 60-minute presentation, which consists of i) BondSavvy's new corporate bond investment recommendations; ii) a review of bond market conditions and trends, and iii) subscriber Q&A.  Each recommendation will include a company business and credit analysis and a detailed discussion of each recommended bond so investors can weigh the potential risks and returns of each investment.  

3. Is The Bondcast a live event or a recorded webcast?
Both.  At noon ET on the day we present new corporate bond investment recommendations, we host the live edition of The Bondcast. Shortly after this call, we post a recording of The Bondcast in the My Account area of the BondSavvy site.          

4. How many corporate bond recommendations will you make at each edition of The Bondcast?
Four. These recommendations will all be at the individual bond, or CUSIP, level.         

5. How will the recommendations be split between investment-grade and high-yield corporate bonds?
Our goal is to have a fairly even split; however, based on market conditions, at certain editions of The Bondcast, it may skew slightly toward either investment-grade or high-yield corporate bonds.

6. What analysis does BondSavvy conduct prior to making an investment recommendation?
We lay out our investment process in Corporate Bond Investing 101 video .  If new to corporate bond investing, we encourage customers to view the Corporate Bond Investing 101 video prior to attending The Bondcast.  The Corporate Bond Investing 101 video is free with a BondSavvy subscription.  In summary, we conduct corporate bond searches through online broker-dealers where we narrow down lists of thousands of bonds into a smaller number based on our knowledge of different companies, relative yields, pricing, maturities and other available information.  Once we have a focused list of potential corporate bond investments, we conduct in-depth credit and financial analysis on each company.  Based on this analysis and the bond's yield, price, maturity, and other factors, we further narrow down the list into the bonds we recommend during The Bondcast.

7. Are BondSavvy's investment fees worth it? 
Subscribing to BondSavvy is a substantially better value than a 1% financial advisor fee, as our investment fees are lower and our investment returns are higher.  Please view our bond investment returns here.  You can also see how our fees have historically been a small fraction of the investment returns achieved by our bond investment recommendations

8. Am I going to have to do a bunch of work to make corporate bond investments?
No.  BondSavvy does the heavy lifting for you.  During The Bondcast, we will provide you key pieces of information on each company and corporate bond we are recommending, boiling it down to one or two PowerPoint slides.  Along with additional color provided during The Bondcast, you will have the information you need to make an investment.  All you'll need to do is execute the trade through an online broker or your financial advisor.

9. What happens if a recommendation changes?
Once we host The Bondcast, we provide updates to attendees on the performance of the issuing companies and recommended corporate bonds.  We also recommend when a bond becomes a 'sell.'  BondSavvy maximizes returns through capital appreciation.  Locking in capital appreciation by selling bonds -- often before maturity -- is a key part of our fixed income investment process.    

One advantage of being a BondSavvy subscriber is that, in the event a recommendation changes, you will have access to all editions of The Bondcast during your subscription period, so you can readily substitute a new bond for the one that is no longer recommended.

10. Can I go back and view prior editions of The Bondcast?
Yes, for as long as you subscribe to BondSavvy, you have access to all previous corporate bond investment ideas contained in previous editions of The Bondcast.

11. Is BondSavvy an SEC-registered trading platform, broker-dealer, investment adviser, or asset manager?
None of the above.  BondSavvy is not registered as an investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, or the securities laws of any state or other jurisdiction, nor is such registration contemplated.  BondSavvy makes recommendations on individual corporate bond investments and charges a fee to customers. We do not hold customer assets, and we do not execute trades on behalf of customers.    

12. Are BondSavvy's corporate bond investment ideas specific to my portfolio? 
As BondSavvy operates under the publishers’ exemption of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, the investments discussed during The Bondcast do not take into account an investor’s particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs. In making an investment decision, each investor must rely on its own examination of the investment, including the merits and risks involved.  Please see our general disclaimer here.

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