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Our Fixed Income Investing Strategy

Bond investing needs a serious refresh, and we founded BondSavvy to provide this to investors. We challenge every part of 'this is how we've always done it' thinking, which enables us to identify high-return corporate bond investments for BondSavvy subscribers.

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We typically do not hold bonds to maturity. Bond prices have ceilings, and investors must be mindful of these to maximize returns. We regularly evaluate our recommendations to determine if/when an earlier pick becomes a 'sell'. While there are outliers, our typical holding period for a recommended investment is two to four years. 2- to 4-Year Investment Holding Period Since our recommendations are focused on achieving capital appreciation, we often find corporate bond investments that can drive higher after-tax returns than municipal bonds. After-Tax Returns That Beat Munis Would you trust your podiatrist to give you a root canal? Probably not. If your financial advisor is not knowledgeable about bond investing, he should not be entrusted with your bond investments. Period. Many advisors put clients into bond funds, but those who do often siphon 40% of the client's return to his brokerage and the fund company. We spend all our time on corporate bonds. Jack of all trades advisors cannot compare to our level of bond investing expertise and the low cost at which we provide it. Corporate Bonds Is All We Do BondSavvy is not a broker-dealer. We select bond investments solely on their merits and provide unbiased investment analysis. This is in contrast to full-service brokers who hold bonds in their own inventory and then sell you 'their' bonds, earning them fees on the bid-ask spread PLUS any markup or markdown they charge you. We recommend bonds that can achieve total returns higher than bond funds and ETFs. Unbiased Picks We believe bond laddering leaves money on the table and should be avoided by investors. If you limit your bond investment selections to only those that mature in specific years, you could be missing out on a great bond that matures in a year without a rung. In addition, if you buy a bond at par and it goes up 25 points, it makes little sense to hold the bond to maturity and only get par back. Just Say No To Bond Laddering We are not just coupon clippers. Rather, we seek to maximize total returns by identifying undervalued bonds that can appreciate in value. Our goal is to achieve annualized returns of 7-9% for investment-grade and 10-15% for non- investment-grade (high-yield) corporate bonds. Maximize Total Returns The over-diversification provided by large bond funds and ETFs reduces returns and is not needed by many investors. We are partial to Warren Buffett / Charlie Munger “focus investing” where we concentrate investments on the best opportunities. The ability to be selective is one of the biggest advantages investors in individual corporate bonds have over index funds. There simply aren't hundreds of bonds worth owning, but hundreds - or thousands - of bonds is what you get in index funds. Highly Selective
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