Sample Edition of The Bondcast - Our Corporate Bond Investing Webinar

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Many investors believe bond investing is too hard. We founded BondSavvy to change this so more investors can benefit from owning individual corporate bonds. We present our new bond picks during The Bondcast. Click to view our May 31 edition and subscribe to see all 16 of our current recommendations.

Please note that, over the course of a year and 20+ bond investment recommendations, we typically have an even split between investment-grade corporate bonds and non-investment-grade corporate bonds (aka high-yield). The composition of investment recommendations for a specific edition of The Bondcast is based on the credit analysis and investment research we conduct leading up to that edition of The Bondcast.

The corporate bond CUSIPs in this edition of The Bondcast include:

CUSIP 724479AJ9
Pitney Bowes 4.625% 3/15/24 

CUSIP 501797AL8
L Brands 6.875% 11/1/35 

DISH DBS Corp 7.750% 7/1/26

CUSIP 177376AE0
Citrix Systems 4.500% 12/1/27


There is a mistake on slide 11 of The Bondcast presentation. It says Pitney Bowes sold its Newgistics business when it should have said it sold its production mail business.

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