Why Bondsavvy Is Better Than a Bond Investment Newsletter

Many fixed income newsletters publish lists of hundreds of bonds and leave it up to subscribers to weigh the risk and potential returns of each investment.  Other bond newsletters focus on all income products, including preferred stocks, REITs, dividend stocks, muni bonds, you name it.  These bond newsletters are jacks of all trades, but masters of none.

BondSavvy is better than a traditional bond newsletter.  This article discusses why.

Corporate Bond Newsletters: What Makes BondSavvy Better?

BondSavvy exclusively makes recommendations for individual corporate bonds.  We narrow down the corporate bond investment universe and make 20-25 corporate bond recommendations each year, which we present during The Bondcast, a subscriber-only webcast we host every quarter.  We update these recommendations during our quarterly Super Bondcast webcast series and through regular bond newsletter updates.

BondSavvy has many advantages over traditional corporate bond newsletters and corporate bond research sources:

  1. All of our corporate bond recommendations are made at the bond, or CUSIP, level
  2. Objective corporate bond research and investment analysis that provides BondSavvy subscribers with the information they need to make successful investment decisions
  3. We have achieved corporate bond returns that have beaten the world's largest corporate bond ETFs
  4. We make our investment recommendation presentations through The Bondcast, an interactive subscriber webcast where subscribers can ask questions about each corporate bond recommendation
  5. We regularly update our previous buy/sell/hold investment recommendations through our bond newsletter and subscriber webcasts. Our bond recommendations do not get stale like traditional fixed income newsletters do
  6. We analyze all aspects of a corporate bond investment when making a recommendation: potential for capital appreciation, yield relative to comparable bonds, credit risk, interest rate risk, business and financial analysis of the issuing company, and the trading activity for each bond CUSIP we recommend.  Our fixed income investment analysis is more comprehensive and actionable than corporate bond ratings, as our bond newsletter focuses on whether a bond is a good investment, whereas bond ratings only evaluate an issuer's credit risk
  7. BondSavvy subscribers can ask questions through the BondSavvy Forum, where fixed income expert and BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw answers all questions that all BondSavvy subscribers can see
  8. Unmatched expertise in evaluating individual corporate bond investments for self-directed investors

Our goal is to maximize the total return of each corporate bond investment recommendation, and this often includes selling bonds before maturity to maximize the capital appreciation and after-tax total returns of our corporate bond investments.  We recommend when subscribers should buy corporate bonds and when they should sell our previously recommended bonds.

Examples of other Fixed Income Newsletters

We believe BondSavvy is the leading fixed income newsletter focused exclusively on individual corporate bonds.  There are other "income" newsletters; however, these publications typically offer long lists of securities, of which very few are individual bonds.  Most of these alleged fixed income newsletters show lists of bond funds, bond ETFs, preferred stocks, and REITs and offer little objective analysis.  Many of these include blue-chip common stocks and consider themselves to be fixed income newsletters because the stocks they recommend pay dividends.

BondSavvy's fixed income newsletter is focused exclusively on recommending individual corporate bonds.

A competitor, Stansberry Research, has published the Stansberry Credit Opportunities fixed income newsletter; however, this publication rarely recommends individual bonds.  Instead, it recommends investments in so-called hybrid securities.  As discussed in our Ten Reasons To Choose BondSavvy over Stansberry Research fixed income blog post, for the two known occasions where BondSavvy and Stansberry Research recommended the same bond, BondSavvy issued sell recommendations at prices a combined 109 points higher than Stansberry Credit Opportunities.

Learn More About Our Corporate Bond Newsletter

We founded BondSavvy to make corporate bond investing easy and more profitable for individual investors.  Without it, investors have to pick through 9,000 available corporate bonds and use unreliable corporate bond ratings to make investment decisions.  

BondSavvy makes 4-6 new corporate bond recommendations each quarter during The Bondcast, an interactive webcast exclusive to BondSavvy subscribers.  During these presentations, we review the investment rationale for each new recommendation.  Our investment analysis is comprehensive but easy to understand.  You can learn more about our fixed income newsletter by:

  1. Reading our corporate bond research blog post to learn more about how we evaluate new corporate bond recommendations  
  2. Clicking the "Watch Free Sample" button below to watch a free sample edition of The Bondcast
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We hope to welcome you as a new subscriber to our fixed income newsletter and investment service.  Let's get BondSavvy!

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