How is BondSavvy different than typical credit research and fixed income research?

BondSavvy makes CUSIP-level corporate bond investment recommendations whereas most credit research provides issuer-level analysis.  Issuer-level analysis would be sufficient if companies only issued one bond, but each company can issue many different bonds, sometimes over 100.  Our goal is to assess which individual corporate bonds present compelling value and can appreciate in price.  We also evaluate an individual bond's liquidity, including how often the bond trades and how many dealers are providing quotes on both the bid and offer side.  We do this since a key part of our strategy is to sell bonds prior to maturity to lock in capital appreciation and maximize returns.  It's therefore crucial to understand a bond's liquidity prior to buying it. 

We take the step traditional credit research does not, which is to narrow down individual corporate bond investment opportunities to a small number we believe can outperform the market.

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