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The Bondcast -- Now Available Online!

On September 26, BondSavvy hosted the premier of The Bondcast at the Morristown Hyatt where founder Steve Shaw presented his latest corporate bond investment recommendations.  This presentation is now available by clicking here.

The purpose of The Bondcast is to provide investors the information they need to assess corporate bond investments so they can add these investments to their portfolios.

The Bondcast is a 45-minute presentation split into 10 easy-to-navigate sections.  During the presentation, Steve reviews five corporate bonds and recommends four, providing detailed information on each bond issuer's business, industry trends, and financials.  Steve then compares key credit metrics such as leverage and interest coverage ratios so viewers can assess the varying degrees of risk and potential returns for each bond.  

To begin the presentation, Steve reviews how he identifies bonds that are undervalued relative to similar bonds and the returns he has generated investing in corporate bonds.  Steve also discusses changes in interest rates and how he has been able to drive strong returns even when, in certain cases, interest rates have risen from the time he made an investment.

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