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Bond Investment Webinars 2019

May 2019 is an important month for bond investors, particularly BondSavvy subscribers.  Today, we hosted our Office Hours webcast, where BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw answered subscribers' corporate-bond-investing questions during a one-hour webcast.  Below is a summary of BondSavvy investment webinars for the remainder of 2019 (Please note that, in addition to the events shown below, we hosted The Bondcast on March 15, 2019 where we made four new bond investment recommendations).

Investors can access BondSavvy's current recommendations and updates and join our upcoming investment webinars and presentations by subscribing to BondSavvy.  

Our 2019 Bond Investing Online Seminars

Investment Seminars 

Below is more information on our May investment webinars as well as a preview of other subscriber content coming in 2019:    

May 15 @ 12:00pm EDT: The Super Bondcast 
During The Super Bondcast, BondSavvy updates all prior investment recommendations to determine if we recommend additional purchases of previously recommended bonds, as well as holds or sells.  This is a key advantage over bond ladders, since we can adjust our investment approach over time.  We recommended additional purchases of five bonds during the first edition of The Super Bondcast on November 19, 2018, and investors can see the strong performance of these recommendations in the Bond Investment Returns page of BondSavvy's investment website.   

In preparation for The Super Bondcast, we review earnings releases and SEC filings provided by the issuing companies of the bonds we have recommended.  This helps us determine the issuing company's trajectory and whether its creditworthiness is improving or worsening.  We combine this analysis with a review of the recommended bond's price performance to see whether the bond represents a compelling value relative to when we first recommended the bond.  We review all of this analysis during The Super Bondcast.

May 31 @ 12:00pm EDT: The Bondcast    
BondSavvy presents new investment recommendations during The Bondcast, which it hosts after quarterly earnings releases and other times during the year when compelling investment opportunities arise.  On May 31, we will present four new corporate bond investment recommendations where we discuss each company's business and our rationale for making the recommendation.  We also compare the financials of each company; key credit ratios such as leverage and interest coverage; upcoming bond maturities; and the different bonds' prices and yields.  

Bond Investment Recommendation

Prior to The Bondcast, BondSavvy will have evaluated hundreds of potential bond investment opportunities, narrowing them down to a select group.  This saves bond investors significant amounts of time and helps increase bond investment returns.  Please click here to see answers for FAQs of The Bondcast.  You can also view a Sample Edition of The Bondcast.

What if I Can't Make the Live Webcast?
No worries.  We host all investment webcasts on GoToMeeting, which we record and then post in the My Account area of the BondSavvy investment website.

What Other Subscriber Content Does BondSavvy Provide for 2019?
Thus far in 2019, we hosted The Bondcast on March 15 and we just hosted BondSavvy Office Hours as noted above.  BondSavvy makes new investment recommendations following quarterly earnings as shown above.  We then host The Super Bondcast twice each year, where we update all prior investment recommendations.  We will also host at least one more edition of Office Hours in 2019, which we currently plan for either September or October.

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