We Just Updated Our 67 Bond Picks

Best Individual Corporate Bonds

At noon EST today, BondSavvy presented subscribers four new fixed income investment recommendations during The Bondcast.  Our bond investment recommendations include two investment-grade corporate bonds and two high-yield corporate bonds, with yields to maturity ranging from 4.58% to 7.32%.

Individual corporate bonds offer strong returns but with less investment risk than stocks and stock mutual funds and many advantages vs. bond mutual funds, bond ETFs, and municipal bonds.  The challenge investors face is: which bonds to buy out of the thousands that are available through online investments?  Through its exclusive fixed income investment process, BondSavvy makes investment selection simple by narrowing down thousands of bonds to a small number it recommends to BondSavvy subscribers.  

This December 12, 2018 edition of The Bondcast includes the following:

1. US Treasury yield trends for 2018 and their impact on corporate bond prices
2. The bias of corporate bond ratings and how it creates unique fixed income investment opportunities
3. Review of bond prices, yields to maturity, and industries of each recommended corporate bond
4. Historical bond prices for each recommended corporate bond
5. Business overviews of each issuing company
6. Business momentum and credit ratings momentum for each bond issuer
7. Financial and credit analysis showing leverage ratios, interest coverage ratios, credit spreads (the recommended bond's yield to maturity less the yield to maturity of the comparable Treasury), yields to maturity, bond prices, revenue and EBITDA, upcoming bond maturities, and key balance sheet information

After the live presentation of The Bondcast, BondSavvy makes The Bondcast available as an online webcast subscribers can view as long as they subscribe to BondSavvy.  We then monitor all recommended corporate bonds and provide updates as to whether we recommend a) buying more of the same bonds, b) holding previously recommended bonds, and/or c) selling previously recommended bonds.

BondSavvy does not provide individualized investment advice and these recommendations do not take into account an investor's specific situation.  Rather, the recommendations contained in The Bondcast are the bonds we believe can appreciate in value and achieve strong total returns on investment.

We hope you enjoy this edition of The Bondcast.

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