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Your bond investing shopping cart is empty.  There are thousands of bonds out there; however, how do you know which bonds to add to your investment portfolio?  On March 15, 2019, BondSavvy presented four new corporate bond investment recommendations to subscribers during The Bondcast.  We provided a bond market overview and then reviewed each investment recommendation, discussing each bond issuer's business, trends, and financials.  After viewing The Bondcast, investors can weigh each bond investment opportunity and decide which bonds in which to invest.

Below is a preview of our four corporate bond investment recommendations.  Subscribe to learn the details on these specific bond investment ideas and our 24 other current investment recommendations.  

Our goal is to identify bonds investors can buy at attractive prices and returns based on the financial profile of the company and how its bonds and financials compare to other bond issuers.  We seek to recommend bonds that can appreciate in value and achieve total returns that outperform the market over a typical two- to four-year holding period.

Preview of BondSavvy's March 15 Corporate Bond Investment Recommendations

Price (1) 
     Yield to
Rating (2) 
 Corporate Bond Pick #1        97.34   4.06%   IG 2046
 Corporate Bond Pick #2 95.88   6.42%    HY 2025
 Corporate Bond Pick #3 99.85   5.65%    HY 2025
 Corporate Bond Pick #4 87.85   5.94%    IG 2044

(1) Represents the top-of-book offer price available on Fidelity.com the day before The Bondcast.

(2) "IG" = Investment Grade.  "HY" = High Yield or Below Investment Grade.  While BondSavvy shows the credit ratings issued by Moody's and S&P, we conduct our own analysis to evaluate a bond's risk and return relative to other bonds available in the US corporate bond market.  Often times, bonds rated below investment grade by the credit rating agencies have better financials than those rated investment grade.  We identify these unique investment opportunities for BondSavvy subscribers.

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