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BondSavvy has just presented four new corporate bond investment recommendations during The Bondcast.  These and all of our other corporate bond investment recommendations and updates can be viewed by subscribing to BondSavvy.  On May 15, 2019, we updated all prior investment recommendations for Q1 2019 earnings during The Super Bondcast.  As we make new bond recommendations, we continue to follow the performance of the recommended bonds and issuers and, throughout the year, update previous buy/sell/hold recommendations.  We generally hold bonds for a several year period and then sell bonds prior to maturity to maximize capital appreciation, total returns, and total after-tax returns.  Click here to see how we decide when to sell bonds.

Please see the below summary of the four new bond recommendations we made during today's edition of The Bondcast.  During the March 15, 2019 and May 31, 2019 editions of The Bondcast, BondSavvy became more comfortable that long-term Treasury yields had stabilized, making it safer to invest in longer-term corporate bonds.  Each BondSavvy investment recommendation is made at the CUSIP, or bond, level.  That said, since we provide subscribers with a full financial analysis of each recommended bond issuer, subscribers seeking a different maturity date from the one recommended by BondSavvy can always use our analysis to gain comfort with a bond issuer's business and then invest in a bond of the same issuer but with a different maturity date.

May 31, 2019 Corporate Bond Investment Recommendations

    Offer Price     YTM      Leverage  
Bond Recommendation 1   91.33 4.60% 2.2x
Bond Recommendation 2  86.50 6.02% 3.4x
Bond Recommendation 3  86.44 4.77% 2.7x
Bond Recommendation 4  99.31 6.74% 3.8x

We hope you enjoy the May 31, 2019 edition of The Bondcast.

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