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At noon EDT today, BondSavvy presented four new corporate bond investment recommendations during The Bondcast.  You can now view these latest corporate bond picks by clicking here.  Our prior bond picks have shown how a select portfolio of corporate bonds can outperform bond funds and ETFs, and we are excited about our four new recommendations. Subscribers gain immediate access to all 20 current BondSavvy recommendations.

Preview of Bond Picks
We are providing subscribers with a good mix of risk and reward and issuing-company industries. We continue seeing more interest-rate risk than credit risk and, as a result, have kept the bond maturities to under nine years, including one in 2022. Issuing companies were in the following industries: manufacturing, entertainment, financial services, and communications.

Corporate bonds recommended August 14

  Offer Price* Yield to Maturity Leverage Ratio**
High Yield Bond 1 99.40 6.59% 3.1x
High Yield Bond 2 96.19 5.41% 3.5x
Investment Grade Bond 1 94.94 4.34% 1.0x
High Yield Bond 3 93.17 8.49% 4.3x

Owning corporate bonds can be a game changer for your investment portfolio, providing strong returns with less risk than stocks. Consider taking advantage of these new bond picks today.


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