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Watch Recording of Steve Shaw Presenting on Fidelity Webinar

Fidelity Investments has posted a recording of "Bond Buying Opportunities for the Brave," which BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw presented during a May 2022 Fidelity webinar.  Please click the following link to learn how investors in individual corporate bonds can tame the bond bear market and take advantage of buying opportunities not seen in years: 


On this Fidelity webinar, Steve joined host Richard Carter, Fidelity Investments' Vice President, Fixed Income Products & Services.  This was the fifth year in a row Fidelity and BondSavvy have partnered on a Fidelity Investments webinar focused on investing in individual corporate bonds.

Every year, there are new challenges to confront and opportunities on which to seize.  The year 2022 was no exception.

What Did We Cover in the Fidelity Investments Webinar?

Today’s corporate bond market has tested even the most seasoned investment professionals.  While concerns over inflation, Fed tightening, and geopolitical events have caused many corporate bond prices to fall, rising commodity prices have been a tailwind for bonds issued by many energy and natural resources companies.  

There's a further performance split based on corporate bond ratings, as many high yield corporate bonds issued by energy companies have held their ground while many corporate bonds issued by investment-grade energy companies have been hard hit.

With issuing company financials generally strong and certain bonds of the world's most profitable companies trading between 65-80% of par value, investors have an opportunity to buy bonds at compelling values and achieve strong corporate bond returns.

During this Fidelity webinar, Richard Carter and BondSavvy’s Steve Shaw discuss how external factors have impacted corporate bond prices and how investors willing to accept potential near-term losses can position themselves for long-term success. 

In this Fidelity webinar, you will learn:

  1. The tools investors in individual corporate bonds have to tame the bond bear market
  2. How forced selling can create buying opportunities in individual bonds
  3. How inflation and Fed action impacts corporate bonds differently
  4. How have individual corporate bonds across different industries, maturity dates, and bond ratings reacted to 2022's bond market conditions
  5. How BondSavvy is identifying value in corporate bonds while attempting to keep risk in check

Despite the many advantages offered by individual corporate bonds, many investors often stay away from these investments believing they are too complicated to understand.  Fidelity webinars such as "Bond Buying Opportunities for the Brave" educate investors on what they need to know to understand the corporate bond market and to make successful corporate bond investments.

BondSavvy and Fidelity Investments are independent entities and are not legally affiliated.

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