Independent Corporate Bond Recommendations

We founded BondSavvy to increase your bond investment returns.

Very few investors own individual corporate bonds, and BondSavvy is here to change this. We make bond investing simple and straightforward, as we narrow down the universe of corporate bonds to sets of recommendations that have been outperforming bond funds and ETFs.    

Our subscription offers significant value, as our historical returns have been 35x our current subscription fees. We present subscribers investment grade and high yield corporate bond investment recommendations through investment webinars and our bond investing newsletter.   


Subscriber Service Description Frequency
Logo Webcast where we present new bond recommendations
After quarterly earnings and when additional opportunities arise
Which Bonds To Buy Webcast where we update prior bond recommendations 3x each year:
May, Sept and Nov
Corporate Bond Investment Ideas Subscriber emails with further buy/sell/hold updates, tender offer recommendations, etc. Regularly throughout the year
Bond Investment Strategies Subscriber Q&A webcasts on corporate bond investing 3-4x each year
We present new bond investment recommendations during The Bondcast, a live subscriber-only webcast that includes subscriber Q&A. We record each edition of The Bondcast and then post the webcast recording and PDF of the presentation in the My Account area of BondSavvy. We update our recommendations throughout the year, including during three editions of The Super Bondcast, where we update buy/sell/hold recommendations for each previously recommended corporate bond. We supplement our webcasts with an emailed investment newsletter that provides additional recommendation updates and notifications of upcoming subscriber events.
We recommend both investment-grade and high-yield corporate bonds. We look for bonds with compelling values that can increase in price and achieve strong total returns. Often times, we find bonds rated below investment grade by the bond rating agencies that, based on their financials, should be rated investment grade. Such bonds often present compelling risk-reward investment opportunities.
If you bought five bonds of each BondSavvy recommendation, you would have achieved $35 of return for each $1 paid in BondSavvy fees through August 23, 2019. We believe this is a compelling value, especially when compared to fees charged, and returns achieved, by financial advisors and bond mutual funds.
No. BondSavvy provides investment recommendations our subscribers use to decide which bonds to buy and when to sell previously recommended bonds. We do not hold customer assets and our recommendations do not take into account an investor’s particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs.

Which Bonds Should I Buy?

We Present Four New Bond Picks at Each Edition of The Bondcast

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