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Steve Shaw Presents on Fidelity Bond Webinar
Posted by Steve Shaw on August 05, 2021

On August 5, 2021, BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw joined Fidelity Investments' Vice President of Fixed Income Products & Services, Richard Carter, as part of the Fidelity fixed income webinar series.  This was the fourth consecutive year...Read more

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How To Profit from Rising Interest Rates
Posted by Steve Shaw on May 14, 2021

Bond investors should be embracing rising interest rates rather than running scared.  While rising interest rates may negatively impact certain corporate bonds in the short term, over the long term, rising interest rates can be a...Read more

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BondSavvy's Impact on Corporate Bond Trading
Posted by Steve Shaw on January 21, 2021

As BondSavvy’s subscriber base has grown, so too has the corporate bond trading activity following our investment recommendations. We estimate our subscribers can account for over 90% of customer buy trades in our recommended bond CUSIPs...Read more

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How Do Bonds Work?
Posted by Steve Shaw on March 26, 2020

BondSavvy is dedicated to educating investors.  We want to empower you to understand how corporate bonds work so you can benefit from the strong returns and relative safety individual corporate bonds can provide.  It all starts...Read more

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How We Made a 26% Return with Tiffany Bonds
Posted by Steve Shaw on January 28, 2020

Much has happened since we recommended Tiffany bonds (Tiffany 4.900% '44, CUSIP 886546AD2) on September 5, 2019.  When we recommended the Tiffany bonds, we saw a company with a strong balance sheet and disciplined capital allocation...Read more

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A $48,040 Commission for One Bond Trade
Posted by Steve Shaw on November 13, 2019

The brokerage industry was thrown into a tizzy when Charles Schwab, E*TRADE, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, and TD Ameritrade recently cut online stock trading commissions to zero. As this played out, executives at many full-service brokerages hid...Read more

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Fidelity Webinar
Posted by Steve Shaw on August 05, 2019

Individual corporate bonds can achieve strong returns with less risk than stocks, but they are still a very small part of investor portfolios.  In this Fidelity webinar, BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw challenges many long-held bond-investing beliefs...Read more

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Why We're Pouring Ketchup on Bond Ratings
Posted by Steve Shaw on July 11, 2019

Why do investors follow Moody's and S&P bond ratings when they only tell investors a fraction of what they need to know before making a bond investment? Since corporate bond ratings don't factor in a bond's...Read more

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When Financial Advisor Fees Exceed Investor Returns
Posted by Steve Shaw on June 14, 2019

The goal of financial advisors and investment newsletters should be to empower customers to increase their investment returns after all fees paid by investors.  A key component of this is ensuring financial advisor costs and newsletter...Read more

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Why Bond Ladders Are Broken
Posted by Steve Shaw on April 17, 2019

Bond ladders are yesterday's way to invest in bonds. They limit investment returns and increase your default risk, but thousands of investors and financial advisors follow the bond ladder herd and this investment sin. Why? Four...Read more

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The Vanguard Bond Fund Road to Nowhere
Posted by Steve Shaw on March 23, 2019

How could a bond fund this bad get to be so big? Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund (ticker: VBTLX) is the world's largest bond fund, with $209.5 billion under management as of February 28, 2019. ...Read more

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Best Fixed Income Investments
Posted by Steve Shaw on March 14, 2019

Your bond investing shopping cart is empty.  There are thousands of bonds out there; however, how do you know which bonds to add to your investment portfolio?  On March 15, 2019, BondSavvy presented four new corporate...Read more

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Vanguard's Hidden Bond Fund Fees - The Dark Side of John Bogle's Legacy
Posted by Steve Shaw on January 29, 2019

With the death of Vanguard founder John Bogle, the debate continues on his legacy: both good and bad. While few could argue his positive impact on making investing more accessible, what is less known is how...Read more

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When Is It Time To Sell a Corporate Bond?
Posted by Steve Shaw on December 26, 2018

BondSavvy seeks to maximize the total investment return of each corporate bond investment opportunity it presents BondSavvy subscribers.  While we know what coupon a bond will pay us, the biggest variable in how successful a corporate...Read more

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Best Individual Corporate Bonds
Posted by Steve Shaw on December 11, 2018

At noon EST today, BondSavvy presented subscribers four new fixed income investment recommendations during The Bondcast.  Our bond investment recommendations include two investment-grade corporate bonds and two high-yield corporate bonds, with yields to maturity ranging from...Read more

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Watch Steve Shaw's Bond Investing Webinar on E*TRADE
Posted by Steve Shaw on November 21, 2018

E*TRADE has posted a recording of BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw's bond investment webinar Active Corporate Bond Investing, which originally aired for E*TRADE customers on November 6, 2018.  Click "Watch Webinar" in the following hyperlink to learn...Read more

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Active Corporate Bond Investing Webinar with E*TRADE
Posted by Steve Shaw on October 25, 2018

Join BondSavvy Founder Steve Shaw and E*TRADE's Mike Cannizzaro to learn an alternative to traditional hold-to-maturity corporate bond investing that takes advantage of corporate bond market attributes to help increase return on investment.  This online investment...Read more

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BondSavvy Submits SEC Comment Letter on US Corporate Bond Market
Posted by Steve Shaw on July 13, 2018

     On July 16, 2018, BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw will participate in a panel discussion of the US Securities and Exchange Commission's Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee (the "SEC FIMSAC").  The topic of the...Read more

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Watch Our Active Investing Corporate Bond Webinar with Fidelity Investments
Posted by Steve Shaw on June 19, 2018

On May 17, BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw sat down with Richard Carter of Fidelity Investments for an exclusive webinar: "The case for a more active approach to bond investing".  Fidelity recently posted a recording of the...Read more

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Is Albertsons' Acquisition of Rite Aid Good for Bondholders?
Posted by Steve Shaw on February 22, 2018

Update Note: On August 8, 2018, Albertsons and Rite Aid announced the termination of their merger agreement. While the below analysis no longer pertains to a combined Albertsons / Rite Aid company, it shows the level...Read more

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Fixed Income After-Tax Returns: How Corporate Bonds Beat Munis
Posted by Steve Shaw on November 03, 2017

Many people invest in municipal bonds because they believe munis drive higher after-tax returns than corporate bonds.  This blog post shows this is not always the case. The Punchline If investors buy individual corporate bonds, rather...Read more

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Corporate Bond Investment Returns Through September 30, 2017
Posted by Steve Shaw on October 13, 2017

Steve Shaw's investment-grade corporate bonds are up 11.14% through 9/30 compared to 3.15% for the world's largest bond ETF.  Learn how he did it by reading this blog post.Investment-Grade Corporates Up 11.14%The corporate bonds I own...Read more

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Corporate Bond Investing Myth #1 -- You Get Ripped Off if You Sell
Posted by Steve Shaw on August 24, 2017

The scoop: Contrary to what everyone has told you, individual investors can sell corporate bonds at a fair price.  Across different parts of the BondSavvy site, including this page, we have shown how owning a select group...Read more

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Bond Investing Webinar FAQs - The Bondcast
Posted by Steve Shaw on August 14, 2017

The Bondcast is a first-of-its kind event, and we have been receiving many questions from customers and prospective customers.  Please see answers to The Bondcast FAQs below: 1. Why should I attend The Bondcast? The Bondcast...Read more

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How Bond ETFs Lower Your Returns and Hurt Asset Allocation
Posted by Steve Shaw on August 07, 2017

Hardly a day goes by without a story about how ETFs are revolutionizing the investment world.  There are now many articles and posts praising bond ETFs, but what's been missing from the analysis is the often...Read more

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BondSavvy's Corporate Bond Market Outlook
Posted by Steve Shaw on July 31, 2017

Conditions continue to remain favorable for corporate bond investment performance with 1) strong corporate earnings, 2) low inflation, 3) expectations for relatively steady interest rates, especially for longer-dated maturities, and 4) historically narrow corporate bond bid/ask...Read more

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Don't Let the Fed Put You Off Corporate Bond Investing
Posted by Steve Shaw on July 10, 2017

Read Antonia Oprita's Real Money column in The Street where I talk about the outlook of Federal Reserve policy and its impact on corporate bond investing....Read more

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The Case for Investing in Individual Corporate Bonds Just Got Stronger
Posted by Steve Shaw on July 05, 2017

Just-released June 30 performance numbers show how investors can benefit from owning individual bonds instead of bond funds.  Please see the below returns summaries that compare my investments in individual bonds to those of large bond...Read more

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Bond Market Pioneer Takes on Wall Street’s Love Affair with Fixed Income Mutual Funds, Launching BondSavvy
Posted by Steve Shaw on June 27, 2017

Platform offers an educational crash course and The Bondcast series to empower people to invest in individual corporate bonds New York, NY — June 28, 2017 — Steve Shaw, the former head of Tradeweb Direct who...Read more

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