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Steve Shaw Presents on Fidelity Bond Webinar

On August 5, 2021, Bondsavvy founder Steve Shaw joined Fidelity Investments' Vice President of Fixed Income Products & Services, Richard Carter, as part of the Fidelity fixed income webinar series.  This was the fourth consecutive year Fidelity invited Steve to present his perspective on corporate bond investing. We are grateful to Fidelity for providing us the opportunity to educate investors on how we approach these often-overlooked investments.  

Individual corporate bonds can provide investors with three things many other investments cannot: income, protection of principal, and growth.  Steve Shaw founded Bondsavvy in April 2017 to empower individual investors to benefit from the many advantages individual corporate bonds can provide.  Investing in bonds online through brokerages such as enables bond investors to execute bond trades efficiently and at prices often better than those achieved by the largest bond funds and ETFs.

The title of the investment webinar was Corporate Bond Investing for Total Return.  The recording of the presentation has been replaced with the recording of a more recent bond webinar we did with Fidelity.  To view this recording, click the "Back to Main Blog" button underneath this page's social media icons, and view the most recent blog post that discusses Steve Shaw presenting on a Fidelity webinar.

Bondsavvy has shown investors how a select portfolio of individual corporate bonds can achieve investment returns higher than the leading bond funds and ETFs.  Maximizing the total returns for each Bondsavvy corporate bond recommendation is central to our investment strategy.  

Key Topics on Fidelity Fixed Income Webinar

Steve and Richard covered the following topics on the August 5, 2021 Fidelity fixed income webinar:

TopicKey points
  • How cycles in US Treasury bond yields can sometimes provide unexpected opportunities in corporate bonds
US Treasury yields can have a significant impact on corporate bonds with investment grade bond ratingsUS Treasury yields can be volatile, and we discuss BondSavvy's approach to capitalizing on Treasury yield movements and how to mitigate risk.
Yes, you heard it here first.  Many label 'the bond market' as a monolithic asset class, but we show how certain corporate bonds can perform well even when interest rates increase.
  • The types of corporate bonds that can help provide a hedge against inflation
There are many corporate bonds than can perform well in periods of rising inflation since their performance is not tied to US Treasury yields and their financials can be bolstered by rising prices.
  • How to navigate bond call schedules
A bond's call features can be the deciding factor between two bonds we are evaluating.  We discuss the differences in make-whole-call bonds as well as bonds that have set call schedules and how these features impact investment decisions.
  • How Steve blends fundamental and technical analysis when making buy and sell decisions
Fundamental fixed income research is central to how we identify corporate bonds that can achieve investment returns higher than bond funds and ETFs.  We discuss how we weigh financial analysis against where bonds are priced to arrive at successful corporate bond recommendations.

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