We believe investors of all types -- individuals, family offices, corporate treasurers, etc. -- can achieve better outcomes investing in individual corporate bonds instead of bond funds. 

Please see the below comparison of our founder Steve Shaw's year-to-date 2017 and full-year 2016 performance to leading bond funds and ETFs. Click here for bond-level details on 2017 performance.

Steve's Corporate Bond Investment Returns

All returns calculations include the price appreciation of the bond, interest received and accrued, and all transaction costs.  As per the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS), accrued interest is included in both the amount invested as well as the total value of the bond when it is either sold or valued at the end of a period. 
(1) Return is after 1% sales charge, which is imposed if fund is sold within one year.
(2) Other parts of the BondSavvy site indicate a 31% annualized return for Steve's high-yield corporate bond investments in 2016.  Note that the returns shown in this chart are not annualized.  The key driver of the returns difference is Steve's investment in Toys R Us bonds that were bought on February 12, 2016 and then called September 29, 2016.  Annualized, this return is 54.4% compared to 31.1% if not annualized.

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