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Fidelity Webinar

Individual corporate bonds can achieve strong returns with less risk than stocks, but they are still a very small part of investor portfolios.  In this Fidelity webinar, BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw challenges many long-held bond-investing beliefs to unlock opportunities investors may have previously overlooked. In this investment webinar, Steve covers:

  • Corporate bond investing basics every investor should know
  • What really causes corporate bond prices to move
  • Bond-ladder pitfalls and alternatives bond investors can consider
  • How high-yield bonds can often be better credits than investment-grade issuers
  • Where he sees compelling opportunities in the US corporate bond market

Please click the below link to access the webinar, which was originally webcast on August 6, 2019: 

Active bond investing recorded webinar

During the Fidelity webinar, Steve provides specific examples of how:

  • Selling prior to a bond's maturity can enable investors to achieve returns higher than a bond's yield to maturity 
  • Investment-grade corporate bonds trade as a spread to a benchmark US Treasury bond that has a similar maturity date as the corporate bond
  • Changes in the benchmark Treasury YTM and a bond's credit spread can help determine when to sell a corporate bond
  • Corporate bond credit ratings miss many of the most important bond investment considerations
  • He compares a bond issuer's financial metrics to a particular bond's credit spread to determine how its value compares to other US corporate bonds
  • How interest rates alone do not determine bond prices

Individual corporate bonds make up less than 1% of US investor portfolios.  Our goal with this and other investment webinars is to increase investors' understanding of the corporate bond market so they can successfully add these investments to their investment portfolios.

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