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View Recording of "Finding Value in Corporate Bonds," a Fidelity Webinar on Demand

  1. Bondsavvy's Steve Shaw presented on an April 18, 2023 Fidelity Investments webinar called "Finding Value in Corporate Bonds"
  2. This event was recorded and is now available as a Fidelity webinar on demand
  3. Read this fixed income blog post to learn the key topics covered on this fixed income webinar and how it can make you a better bond investor

For the sixth year in a row, Bondsavvy founder Steve Shaw was invited as a guest speaker to a Fidelity Investments webinar.  Fidelity recorded this April 18, 2023 webinar, "Finding Value in Corporate Bonds," which can now be viewed as a Fidelity webinar on demand by clicking the following link:


Fidelity's Richard Carter, Vice President of Fixed Income Products and Services, was the host of the fixed income webinar.  Richard and Steve led a 45-minute discussion on how to find value in corporate bonds, and then Steve responded to attendee questions for the final ten minutes of the webinar.

What's in this Fidelity webinar on demand?

As the US Federal Reserve has been aggressively hiking interest rates to combat stubborn inflation, many corporate bond yields are at all-time highs.  This has created compelling investment opportunities; however, few individual investors own individual corporate bonds.  

The goal of this Fidelity webinar on demand is to educate investors on key corporate bond investment considerations so they can decide whether to increase their exposure to individual corporate bonds.

Key topics discussed on this Fidelity webinar on demand include: 

  1. What types of corporate bonds have been performing well vs. not so well and why
  2. Bond investing basics investors should consider before investing in individual corporate bonds, including the building blocks of a corporate bond's yield to maturity (YTM)
  3. How to combine fundamental and technical fixed income analysis to narrow down corporate bond investment options
  4. How to decide where along the yield curve to invest
  5. Determining whether selling bonds before maturity can improve investors' corporate bond returns

I liked the Fidelity webinar on demand.  Now what?

Investing in bonds online provides investors with a higher level of pricing transparency, more choice, and lower bond trading fees than when transacting through a financial advisor.  We encourage investors to read our "Where To Buy Bonds Online" article in the Bondsavvy fixed income blog to learn the basics of online bond investing.

How can I tell other investors about this Fidelity Webinar on Demand?

We founded Bondsavvy so more investors can benefit from the income, relative safety, and capital growth individual corporate bonds can provide.  Since many investors are new to corporate bond investing, we have made investor education central to our mission.  With this in mind, Bondsavvy's founder Steve Shaw been a guest speaker at six Fidelity Investments fixed income webinars through 2023, presented to over 30 American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) chapters nationwide, and has written many fixed income blog posts on corporate bond investing.

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