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Watch Steve Shaw's Bond Investing Webinar on E*TRADE

E*TRADE has posted a recording of BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw's bond investment webinar Active Corporate Bond Investing, which originally aired for E*TRADE customers on November 6, 2018.  Click "Watch Webinar" in the following hyperlink to learn an alternative fixed income investing strategy:


Below are the key points covered on the webinar:

1) Advantages of active corporate bond investing vs. traditional bond laddering that holds bonds to maturity
2) How active corporate bond investing works
3) Today's corporate bond market dynamics that drive the need for active bond investing
4) How not all corporate bonds are sensitive to interest rates, including one corporate bond that achieved a return on investment of 19% when its benchmark Treasury tumbled
5) How corporate bond prices have ceilings
6) BondSavvy's fixed income investment process for evaluating and selecting individual corporate bonds