We Update Our 67 Bond Picks:

Individual Bond Recommendations

BondSavvy has just released its new set of corporate bond recommendations.  Individual investors can see them by clicking here.  Financial advisors, family offices, and other corporate bond investors can call our founder Steve Shaw at (201) 748-9862 to discuss how they can access BondSavvy's corporate bond investment recommendations.

Here's what's included in our new set of recommendations:

* Four corporate bonds: three investment-grade bonds and one high-yield bond (remember that all BondSavvy recommendations are at the individual bond, or CUSIP, level)
* A summary table that compares the financial profile of each issuing company (leverage and coverage ratios, revenue and EBITDA growth, etc.)
* The Bondcast video, which discusses the four issuing companies in depth.  We help you understand the business of each company and why we expect the company's recommended bond to perform well
* A pdf of The Bondcast
* Regular updates to our recommendations, including if and when a bond becomes a 'sell'

We made our first set of recommendations on September 26.  We have publicly disclosed one of these recommendations: Albertsons 7.45% '29.  We recommended this bond at an offer price of 78.40.  Today, these bonds are being bid at 87.50.  The total return of this bond since our recommendation is 14.0%, which includes 11.6% of capital appreciation and 2.4% of yield.

View our latest picks to find out which bonds can be our new outperformers.

Happy holidays!
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