BondSavvy believes the current market setup of investors putting hundreds of billions of dollars into underperforming bond funds and ETFs is not good for investors. We believe investors should own individual corporate bonds so they can benefit from their many advantages

To make this possible, we put investors on an even playing field with big fund managers through investment recommendations and online educational videos.

BondSavvy provides customers with 25-30 actionable, easy-to-understand corporate bond investment recommendations each year. We use our expertise in financial analysis, business due diligence, and corporate bond capital markets to identify corporate bond investments that can drive strong total returns.

Prior to releasing each set of recommendations, we will have reviewed and evaluated company financial filings, earnings calls, news, industry trends and detailed trading information on each bond. We will also have calculated several “credit metrics,” which evaluate a company’s financial strength and its level of credit risk.

We present our recommendations in an online document or webcast so you can compare the risks and returns of different bonds. The final decision on which bonds to invest in is ultimately yours.

How We Are Paid
BondSavvy does not manage money for clients and is not a broker-dealer.  We make our recommendations based on where we see value in the corporate bond market, and our recommendations are not based on a specific investor's needs or requirements.         

We generate revenue by selling access to our recommendations and the Crash Course on Corporate Bond Investing, which are available on the Buy tab. We believe this is the best way to provide clients with high-quality, unbiased, and cost-effective investment recommendations that can increase returns.

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