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Active Corporate Bond Investing Webinar with E*TRADE

Join BondSavvy Founder Steve Shaw and E*TRADE's Mike Cannizzaro to learn an alternative to traditional hold-to-maturity corporate bond investing that takes advantage of corporate bond market attributes to help increase return on investment.  This online investment webinar is available to E*TRADE customers on November 6 at 2:00pm EST.

Key agenda items include: 

1) How active corporate bond investing works
2) Why investors should avoid bond ladders
3) Why investors should often sell bonds prior to maturity
4) Review of one BondSavvy high yield corporate bond recommendation that returned 19% over the last year as rates went sharply higher
5) How investors can capitalize on changing corporate bond market conditions, including when US Treasury yields increase
6) Are corporate bond markets efficient enough for active investors?
7) BondSavvy's fixed income investment process

We look forward to seeing you on this corporate bond investing webinar with E*TRADE, a leading online investment brokerage.

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