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  • Be empowered to increase your returns with our 25 annual corporate bond recommendations
  • Learn our 19 corporate bonds we currently have rated as BUY and learn our new bond picks presented March 11
  • Receive frequent buy/sell/hold bond recommendation updates via email and webcast. We updated all bond recommendations March 25
  • Save significant time, as BondSavvy does the investment analysis for you
  • Gain an edge over investors who follow the limited usefulness of Moody's and S&P bond ratings
  • Learn bond investing from Steve Shaw, the leading expert on corporate bond investing for individual investors



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BondSavvy equips financial advisors to:

  • Differentiate their practices with unparalleled bond investing expertise they can use to benefit their clients
  • Improve client performance through a select portfolio of individual corporate bonds
  • Better understand the US economy and fixed income markets based on our bond recommendation webcasts
  • Regularly engage clients on new bond investing opportunities and market dynamics (if you like adding value to your clients, then BondSavvy is for you)

How we charge

Our goal is to provide advisors with access to our recommendations at a fee comparable to – or lower than – a low-cost bond ETF. We charge based on the advisor’s individual corporate bond AUM and reduce our fee in the first year since it may take several quarters for an advisor to incorporate our recommendations into client portfolios.

As we show in the video, our subscription fee is designed to be a small percentage of the returns our bond recommendations achieve:

For illustrative purposes only. Past performance does not guarantee future results.


Subscriber Service Description Frequency
Logo Interactive webcast where we present new corporate bond recommendations After quarterly earnings 
New picks coming March 11, 2021

Which Bonds To Buy Interactive webcast where we update prior buy/sell/hold bond recommendations based on issuing companies' financial performance and price performance of our recommended bonds After quarterly earnings 
All picks updated Nov 24, 2020  
Next Super Bondcast March 25, 2021  

Corporate Bond Investment Ideas Bond investment newsletter emailed to subscribers with further buy/sell/hold updates, new recommendations, tender offer recommendations, etc. Regularly throughout the year
  Q&A webcasts where BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw answers subscriber corporate bond investing questions Next edition Feb 10, 2021

Before BondSavvy, bond investors had two unappealing choices: 1) sift through thousands of individual corporate bonds and guess which ones to buy and 2) invest in bond funds that often have weak returns and understate the true cost of such investments. BondSavvy empowers subscribers to make direct investments in bonds, which reduces costs, increases transparency, and enables investors to maximize returns. Our bond recommendations take the guesswork out of bond investing and save time, as subscribers access thoroughly researched sets of bond recommendations they can add to their portfolios.

We present new bond investment recommendations during The Bondcast, a live subscriber-only webcast that includes subscriber Q&A. We record each edition of The Bondcast and then post the webcast recording and PDF of the presentation in the My Account area of BondSavvy. We update our recommendations throughout the year, including during quarterly editions of The Super Bondcast, where we update buy/sell/hold recommendations for each previously recommended corporate bond. We supplement our webcasts with an emailed investment newsletter that provides additional recommendation updates and notifications of upcoming subscriber events.

Our goal with each new investment recommendation is that our subscribers can buy or sell the bonds as close to the recommended price as possible.  Generally speaking, while our recommendations have caused significant volume increases in our recommended bonds, we have only seen immediate pricing increases for a small portion of new buy recommendations.  We discuss our impact on corporate bond trading volumes and prices in this blog post.  Limiting market impact of our recommendations is a key BondSavvy priority, and we are taking several steps to achieve this goal.  We lay out these initiatives in the blog post.

We recommend subscribers hold accounts at Fidelity and E*TRADE, which helps ensure subscribers can see all available bond quotes and execute trades at competitive prices and with low commissions.  Corporate bonds trade in a dynamic marketplace, and, while corporate bond prices are typically not as volatile as stocks, there can be market-driven price movements that can result in subscribers transacting above or below our recommended prices.  

As soon as you subscribe to BondSavvy, you gain immediate access to all of our current and previous bond investment recommendations.  This includes access to all prior editions of The Bondcast, where we present new bond recommendations, and The Super Bondcast, where we update existing investment recommendations.  Subscribers receive a tremendous amount of value immediately.  As a result, we do not offer free trials.

We recommend both investment-grade and high-yield corporate bonds. We look for bonds with compelling values that can increase in price and achieve strong total returns. Often times, we find bonds rated below investment grade by the bond rating agencies that, based on their financials, should be rated investment grade. Such bonds often present compelling risk-reward investment opportunities.

Steve Shaw founded BondSavvy to empower investors to benefit from owning individual corporate bonds.  We want individual investors to know everything the world's largest institutional investors know about bond investing.  We host BondSavvy Live, formerly known as BondSavvy Office Hours three times each year where subscribers submit questions regarding corporate bond investing.  Steve then reviews his answers to each subscriber question during the BondSavvy Live webcast.

Click here to watch a previous edition of BondSavvy Live.

No. BondSavvy provides investment recommendations our subscribers use to decide which bonds to buy and when to sell previously recommended bonds. We do not hold customer assets and our recommendations do not take into account an investor’s particular investment objectives, financial situation or needs.

BondSavvy subscribers transact through their own brokerage firm such as Fidelity and E*TRADE.

Which Bonds Should I Buy?

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