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Steve Shaw Presents to SEC on Corporate Bond Investing for Retail Investors
Posted by Steve Shaw on July 15, 2018

You can now view the webcast of BondSavvy founder Steve Shaw's July 16 presentation to the SEC's Fixed Income Market Structure Advisory Committee (FIMSAC) by clicking https://youtu.be/158D7mTo4s4. During the presentation, Steve refers to his SEC comment...Read more

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Understanding Interest Rate Risk and Credit Risk
Posted by Steve Shaw on May 15, 2018

This video is one part of BondSavvy's 10-part Corporate Bonds 101 video and helps investors weigh interest rate risk and credit risk when investing in individual corporate bonds.  The full video is included when you purchase...Read more

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Individual Bonds vs. Bond Funds and ETFs - Which Are Better?
Posted by Steve Shaw on January 15, 2018

Watch this video before investing another dollar into an overvalued bond fund. Many popular bond funds try to replicate 'the market' and since the market is largely bonds priced at a premium to par, you are...Read more

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VIDEO - Corporate Bonds: Achieve Equity Upside Without the Equity Downside
Posted by Steve Shaw on November 21, 2017

Many investors believe bonds are where you go to 'not screw things up' and earn 2-4% returns.  It's time for a new approach. In this original video, I show you a new approach to bond investing...Read more

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BondSavvy Talks Corporate Bonds at Nasdaq TradeTalks
Posted by Steve Shaw on July 13, 2017

Watch me provide perspective on interest rates, corporate bond investing best practices, and some of the best bonds in my portfolio during my interview with @JillMalandrino @Nasdaq TradeTalks.     #CorporateBonds Get Started Watch Free Sample...Read more

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