VIDEO - Corporate Bonds: Achieve Equity Upside Without the Equity Downside

Many investors believe bonds are where you go to 'not screw things up' and earn 2-4% returns.  It's time for a new approach. ... Read more


Why Corporate Bonds Matter: After-Tax Returns That Can Beat Munis

Many people invest in municipal bonds because they believe munis drive higher after-tax returns than corporate bonds.  This blog post shows this is not always the case. ... Read more


Investment Performance Through September 30

Steve Shaw's investment-grade corporate bonds are up 11.14% through 9/30 compared to 3.15% for the world's largest bond ETF.  Learn how he did it by reading this blog post.Investment-Grade Corporates Up 11.14%The corporate bonds I own... Read more


The Bondcast -- Now Available Online!

On September 26, BondSavvy hosted the premier of The Bondcast at the Morristown Hyatt where founder Steve Shaw presented his latest corporate bond investment recommendations.  This presentation is now... Read more


Corporate Bond Investing Myth #1 -- You Get Ripped Off if You Sell

The scoop: Contrary to what everyone has told you, individual investors can sell corporate bonds at a fair price.  Across different parts of the BondSavvy site, including this page, we have shown how owning a select group of individual... Read more


The Bondcast FAQs

The Bondcast is a first-of-its kind event, and we have been receiving many questions from customers and prospective customers.  Please see answers to The Bondcast FAQs below: 1. Why... Read more


How Bond ETFs Lower Your Returns and Hurt Asset Allocation

Hardly a day goes by without a story about how ETFs are revolutionizing the investment world.  There are now many articles and posts praising bond ETFs, but what's been missing from the analysis... Read more


BondSavvy's Corporate Bond Market Outlook

Conditions continue to remain favorable for corporate bond investment performance with 1) strong corporate earnings, 2) low inflation, 3) expectations for relatively steady interest rates, especially for longer-dated maturities, and 4) historically narrow corporate bond bid/ask... Read more


BondSavvy Talks Corporate Bonds at Nasdaq TradeTalks

Watch me provide perspective on interest rates, corporate bond investing best practices, and some of the best bonds in my portfolio during my interview with @JillMalandrino @Nasdaq TradeTalks.     #CorporateBonds ... Read more


Don't Let the Fed Put You Off Corporate Bond Investing

Read Antonia Oprita's Real Money column in The Street where I talk about the outlook of Federal Reserve policy and its impact on corporate bond investing. Read more


The Case for Investing in Individual Corporate Bonds Just Got Stronger

Just-released June 30 performance numbers show how investors can benefit from owning individual bonds instead of bond funds.  Please see the below returns summaries that compare my investments in individual bonds to those... Read more


Bond Market Pioneer Takes on Wall Street’s Love Affair with Fixed Income Mutual Funds, Launching BondSavvy

Platform offers an educational crash course and The Bondcast series to empower people to invest in individual corporate bonds New York, NY — June 28, 2017 — Steve Shaw, the former head of Tradeweb Direct who... Read more


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