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Corporate Bond Investing 101

Table of Contents

1 4:43 Trends That Make Corporate Bond Investing So Important
2 2:19 Advantages of Individual Bonds over Bond Funds
3 1:47 Starting a New Bond Search
4 5:22 How Credit and Interest Rate Risk Impact Your Investment Decisions
5 1:56 First Steps in Focusing Your Bond Investment Search
6 5:02 How to Profit from the Bond Marketplace
7 3:55 Your Yield Just Went Down 2 Points: The Impact of Markups
8 4:46 Weighing Yields, Maturities, Sectors and Market Pricing into Your Investment Decisions
9 7:51 A 54% Return and the Analysis Behind It
10 1:17 Your Next Step To Get BondSavvy

Get into the game and learn how to make successful corporate bond investments.

Steve Shaw founded BondSavvy to help investors realize the many benefits of owning individual corporate bonds. After watching the Crash Course, you will know how to:

  • Narrow down corporate bond investments to a select group
  • Analyze a company's financial statements to determine which bonds have the most upside
  • Use all available data -- bid-offer quotes, company financials, bond yields, recent trades, etc. -- to find the best values
  • Keep your broker honest by thoroughly understanding how bond mark-ups and commissions work
  • Successfully navigate credit and interest rate risk

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